Astrid Defense is a Twin Cities-based training company for women interested in understanding the proper methods of firearm operation and self defense. Though designed primarily to meet the learning styles of women, we also welcome male shooters looking for customized firearms training.


Learning to Shoot for Beginners


This 3-hour introductory class includes hands-on classroom instruction and time on the range. Students learn the essentials of safe pistol operation, choosing the right ammunition, grip, aiming, trigger control, and basic maintenance. Safety is emphasized throughout. Small classes mean lots of one-on-one time with your instructor. All range fees, materials and equipment are included.

$150 per student. Discounts available for groups of 4 or larger.


Intermediate Learning to Shoot


Students will address multiple targets, building speed, accuracy and judgment through timed drills. For more experienced shooters. Range fees and materials are included. Use your equipment or ours. Limit 2 students per class.

1-hour sessions are $100 per student, or 5 hours for $400.

The Self-Defense Pistol

This half-day course builds on your marksmanship fundamentals. Students will learn how to safely draw from the holster, move and shoot, and use cover and concealment. Practical legal and ethical issues will be covered in a virtual shooting environment. No live fire. Offered only at South Metro Public Safety Training Facility in Edina, MN. Limited to 6 students.

$125 per student. Group discounts are available.

The #DefenseIsLove Mindset

This 3-hour course explores important physical, mental and emotional health factors that support safe firearms operation and influence our reactions to a shooting incident. Through integrated classroom and live fire instruction, students will practice empowering awareness, relaxation, and centering techniques. Limited to 4 students.

$125 per student. Group discounts are available. For women only.

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